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ClicktoJamRetail.com – The Outlet – Shopping Mall

In 1986 Jamisonadmarketers.com started the business off with (JAM), JAM was a Business Directory on the internet. In 1986 the Jamison family started this business with only $200.00, faith and a lot of prayers.

Jamisonadmarketers.com started with free listing at first & these directory features:

  • Free Regular Bold Listing
  • Bold Listing Link
  • Double Link Listing
Jamisonadmarketers.com has one gold member sponsor to advertise in our business directory.
Russo's Books Store
Thank you from the marketing team.

After the Business Directory got off the ground, we decided to put a Shopping Mall and Plaza online. Jamisonadmarketers.com started working with third party merchant companies around the world.

Jan 1, 2007, the marketing team saw the need to launch ClicktoJamRetail.com online shopping mall program with savings and the best deals on town. The Outlet Mall had over 20 categories and over 2,000 merchants all in one place. This will be the biggest informational highway of the shopping plaza in history. ClicktoJamRetail.com picked up some national brand name merchants web sites like (Disney, Big Dogs, Best Buy, Russo’s Books, Staples, Hickory Farms) just to name a few. And we offered companies in these categories: Art Gallery, Automotive, Books / Magazines, Business / Office, Clothing / Apparel, Collectibles / Gifts, Computer / Electronics, Education, Entertainment, Financial, Flowers, Food / Drinks, Health / Beauty, Hobbies, Home & Garden, Jewelry, Marketing, Sports / Fitness, Telecommunication, Travel, Miscellaneous. Members of the shopping mall e-Mail classified advertising are up to (5900 Subscribers). If you subscribe to the outlet plaza, we will send you savings and coupons of the third party merchant.

ClicktoJamRetail.com marketing team would like to thank all of the visitors that shopped, received and signed up for the newsletter. Thank you for saving money with ClicktoJamRetail.com outlet mall.

The ClicktoJamRetail.com – Questions and Answers:
Q: ClicktoJamRetail.com how can we save money every day, you ask?
A: Click on one of the third party company’s banners or text link that is under the category then save up to 10% to 15% off your sale.
Q: Why not just go to the merchants’ website?
A: Just click on ClicktoJamRetail.com where the saving is built-in with each merchant’s banner you click on.

ClicktoJamRetail.com your one-stop worldwide online shopping mall based out of California with today’s hottest products and the "Best Deal in Town" for your money, why pay more…

ClicktoJamRetail.com continues to give our members/customers the best deals in town. That is why as we are named “America’s Trusted Source in Online Retail Stores with the best values available for your money”.

Here is ClicktoJamRetail.com – Shopping Mall/The Outlet Banner Ads:
  • Yellow Page - Online Directory
  • Hot Tub Lifeguard – Online Directory
  • George Wilson - Bakersfield Express Tax
  • Val Lewis & PD – Music
  • Ez Math Trix – Russo’s Books and UCSB
  • Russo's Books - Advertisement and Promotions.
  • Mega Morning Show
ClicktoJamRetail.com started with some of the finest clients in Bakersfield, Ca. we would like to thank all of your clients that supported us. “Thanks so much for your support”

Visit ClicktoJamRetail.com and Book Mark Us for the "Best Deal in Town".



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