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Dear Friends,    

ClicktoJam and I are so amazed at what God has done in 2015. He has taken this company to heights we never thought possible. The team at ClicktoJam want to personally thank you for your commitments on facebook, through your prayers and supporting ClicktoJam.

I believe that we are getting ready to step into one of the greatest seasons for our company as we share with you new products, services and savings to the world. We give God the thanks for opening doors, multiplying opportunities and pouring out his favor on this company.

We also thank God for Blessing our company with your friendship and the support of your family as well.

With the end of the year approaching. I am asking of you to finish 2015 strong! We believe God still has great things in store and is getting ready to accelerate his favor and goodness.

ClicktoJam team will like to say; let’s start 2016 strong and get ready for God to do unprecedented things for you and your family.

Thank you,
TW Jamison
CEO of ClicktoJam

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